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Beautiful Back Roads Century

Dear Backroads Century Organizers/Volunteers:


Words alone cannot describe the enjoyment both my wife and I experienced Saturday, as we traversed the North Georgia landscape on our tandem, completing the entire 105 mile route. 


Backroads was my wife's first century and ours together on our "bike built for two," and we want to personally congratulate the entire Staff & Volunteers for giving us the opportunity to share in a memory that will last forever.  We could not stop talking about how well marked the roads were, the friendly rest stop support, the beautiful terrain, great weather, and the relief of continuously seeing SAG wagons drive by looking for cyclists in need of support.


The most amazing part of the event is that Backroads has only hosted this ride for two years, yet based on the turnout of cyclists (someone said over 350?), one could have assumed it has been a cycling event hosted for years.  Needless to say, we shall look forward to next years ride, yet until that time, many thanks for making our day together fantastic!


Steve & Denise Thomas

I rode the 105 (102) mile ride Saturday. What a great ride!You had the route well marked. Even a first time group rider like myself could follow the route without getting lost or confused.The rest stops were fully stocked with more than I could have ever dreamed But more than the food and drink everyone at the stops were so helpful.They even cleaned my glasses for me I will be back next year and will be telling all the riders I know about the wonderful experience I had on the Beautiful Back Roads Century,
Brian Foster


Another Great ride... Your ride is the best planned event in the state... Your stops have more food and drink than all the other rides combined... Well done for you and all the other volunteers. Still a fun and great ride... Will be back next year... Good turnout considering the rain and TS factor... I hope you raised the need monies for the school. Thanks again, John
Hi Jim, just a short note of thanks. We braved the storm, and came to the ride. Boy, are we glad
                                    we did! That was the nicest organized ride we have ever done. Everything was well organized, the routes were incredible, with
                                    a great combination of sights, nice roads, and enough hills to make it good exercise. My wife and friend did the 45, and I
                                    peeled off for that extra 20. It was fantastic to be able to meet back up with them. The staff were all very nice and the
                                    refreshments were better than we have ever had. And somehow it only rained while we were at the 3rd stop. Again, I know you
                                    never get enough praise compared to all the work it took to do such a nice job, but we have all mentioned several times how
                                    very nice your ride was, and we will strive to do it again, and bring more friends. Thanks very much, Darr and Stacey 
I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the best century ride that I have ridden all year. 
                                    My wife and I both rode and were very impressed with all the work that must have gone on to make such a great ride. The scenery
                                    was fantastic, the sag stops were well managed and stocked with all kinds of goodies. The t-shirts are very nice and the post
                                    ride meal was outstanding. 

-Darrell and Kristie Lee

                                    all did a great job. I finished the 65 mile ride 10 minutes before the rain fell. It was perfect. The support was terrific.
                                    And my God! Free massages and Brewster's Ice Crème for dessert, it doesn't get any better. Thanks for a good job, Tom Hanks
I just wanted
                                    to say thanks for a wonderful event.  This was a most excellent experience for my first organized ride.  I completed
                                    the 45 miler and wished I had done the 65.  Using a mountain bike is definitely a challenge.  I couldn't have asked
                                    for a more exciting ride.  The sites were beautiful!  Amazing!  I had a blast and look forward to completing
                                    the 105 miles next year.  Keep up the good work.  Kudos to all of the volunteers.  The massage was sooooo awesome. 
                                    Thanks again!! 

Chad Norwood